How long can I keep using Windows 7?

Bit-"So if you want to carry on using Windows 7 instead of Windows 8, your OS will be supported for the rest of this decade"

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Zlix3229d ago

I still use Windows XP. :D

Blackdeath_6633229d ago

holy sh*t so do i. not for gaming though. but my other pc has been and still is running on windows XP. i don't think microsoft will support windows 7 for much longer its a waste of money,work force and time.

Zlix3228d ago

Well I have a laptop with Win 7 installed, but i still like my Win XP PC. :D

asmith23063228d ago

Chest thumps for you! XP rocks.

ALICE6663229d ago

im on vista64, supprisingly it has been my most stable OS for 5 years. lol

3GenGames3229d ago

Well since you are on that, and probably don't run Windows 7, or any Linux-based OS, or XP on another computer, it'd also be your only OS for 5 years.

Cueil3229d ago

I wouldn't call any Linux distro "stable" unless you compile the OS for your system... the OS isn't any more stable when it's generically compiled

3GenGames3229d ago

Linux not stable? What are you smoking? As long as your drivers are stable, the OS will be stable as the binaries are exactly the same for each system!

That definitely gets stupidest comment of the day dude, I'm sorry.

CyberCam3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

"That definitely gets stupidest comment of the day dude, I'm sorry."

So true!

It's obvious this fellow knows nothing about the Linux kernel, granted a custom compile does enhanced your performance... both generic & custom are very stable!

wishingW3L3229d ago

what will happen when they stop support for any of the OS? Is the computer going to explode or something?

Sarick3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

They don't need to stop OS support. All they need to do is upgrade the .net framework, direct x, and other internal development features.

Microsoft is saying they'll support the OS end of cycle. What they aren't saying is we're keeping them updated with cross compatibility.

What good is an end of life cycle if a new direct-x or .net frameworks upgrades are only created for windows 8? If developers make it a requirement people with older OS versions are SOL, right?

It's simple If these features are limited only the latest OS kernels it's not like you can install products designed for them it on an older OS.

I had a product that was created for XP. A dev decided that he wanted to develop the new .net 4.5. Suddenly the XP OS became incompatible, He had to create software for .net 4.0 to remain compatible. The problem was bugs in the 4.0 code where fixed in 4.5. Since 4.5 was a REPLACEMENT to 4.0, he needed another system without 4.5 installed to insure compatibility.

Think about it.

Cueil3229d ago

Newer directX issues came across because of the limitations of XP not because they didn't want to put it on the system

Dogswithguns3229d ago

What do you mean, how long?!.. as long as I live. dang man.

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The story is too old to be commented.