Anonymous takes down over 550 Israeli sites, wipes databases, leaks email addresses and passwords

TNW - When the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) this week began taking military action in the Gaza strip against Hamas (as the IDF announced on Twitter), Anonymous declared its own war as part of #OpIsrael. Among the casualties are thousands of email addresses and passwords, hundreds of Israeli Web sites, government-owned as well as privately owned pages, as well as databases belonging to Bank Jerusalem and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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-Mezzo-3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

They had it coming.

krazykombatant3070d ago

I find this ridiculous, whilst I think its even more ridiculous how the all the middle east is this massive time bomb, I just find it absolutely retarded, people go and try to hinder a nations sites and powers. People saying "ohh they had it coming" attitude like that its what keeps getting the world we live in into a massive mess.

SnakeCQC3070d ago

do you know whats been happening in Palestine? and what happened recently? israel have been nothing short of pure evil for a while now

-Mezzo-3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

They Absolutely Had It Coming.

Gazondaily3069d ago

Lol you what krazy?

To hell with the Israeli military and its destructive and poisonous Zionist movement.

I salute Anonymous. Well done for this. Condolences to the innocents that have died as a result of all this B.S.

SuperM3069d ago

Looks like people here are about as clueless as anonymous.

Hamas has consistently been firing rockets targeted at israeli civilians for the last couple of years, now israel is trying to take out hamas rocket capability and your saying they are wrong for doing that?

Just what exactly do you suppose israel should do? Just sit there and take it? No country on earth would do that, neither will israel.

Hamas deliberately place their weapons and facilities close to civilians, because they know that every civilian palestinian that die will strengthen their cause. It will make people like you hate israel even though you really should be hating hamas. They are responsible.

SnakeCQC3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

when you watch the news and hear about the rockets you hear the number 500 last year etc not the destructive power or what they destroyed ever wondered why? its simple the "rockets" are not sophisticated drones its literally bits of metal put together and lauched over the side of the wall VERY RARELY do the actually get anything or anyone yet israhell responds with proper missile strikes which actually destroy buildings and kill many people

SuperM3069d ago

Iranian fajr-5 arent proper rockets? Also its not only about casualties, its about being able to live a normal life. Everytime rockets are sent from gaza people in souther israel have to find shelter. 30% of kids in southern israel are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder but i guess thats fine as long as the casualties arent that high?

Also Israel responds with attacks directed at hamas. Most casualties are terrorists and most buildings destroyed are used by hamas. Hamas on the other hand targets israeli civilians.

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krazykombatant3069d ago

You're joking with that palestine map? Even the middle easterns can agree that palestine never existed. Hell Egypt claims that the gaza strip is theirs. Don't say that the only guilty party here are the Jews. Ohhh the israely military have killed children, but i'm pretty damn sure so have the palestinian and other terrorist organisations hell bent on destroying Israel.

Just watched the news, and they said the building that the reporters were in suffered an attack, mainly due to the fact that the missile sites in gaza are put in civilian areas. What do you expect? Once again both sides are wrong. Those of you are being absolutely hipocritical, if your nation became under attack, its dispicable that the media is only reporting biasly, both sides are monsters simple as that. Its just that one isn't the bigger evil than the other.

krazykombatant3070d ago

Its all retaliaton for more retaliaton, its a visious circle, which won't get resolved, till millions lie dead. All for a bit of land, so what you think because one nation tries to defend itself against hostile neighbors they should just lie down and die? I think its a massive joke, which won't get resolved till the middle east breaks out into open war and new boundaries become defined. simple as that.

hellvaguy3069d ago

Hamas targets civilians with suicide bombers and kills children. And you people cheer them because why? Sick.

Blackdeath_6633069d ago

because Israel occupy 80% of land they have stolen by force or acquired illegally
because of the Gaza massacre during 2008-2009.
because of the Sabra and Shatila massacre
because of the Deir Yassin massacre
because of the The Israeli Genocide in Palestine, March 29 - April 18, 2002
because of the illegal settlement being built
the list goes on. if anyone here is "sick" then that would be you.

SuperM3069d ago

What land? The only land Israel has occupied has been after being attacked by its arab neighbours and almost all the land Israel has counqered during these wars has been given back.

As for the gaza "massacre" as you call it during 08-09 most of those people being killed were members of hamas and other terrorist organizations. Only 29% of the casualties were civilian which is quite astonishing for a war fought in such a dense area.

Why did Israel attack gaza in 08? Because of hundreds of rockets being sent from gaza just like this time. The blood of civilians on both sides lie in the hands of hamas, the only regretful thing about the gaza mission in 08 was that Israel didnt go all the way. If they did then we likely wouldnt have this situation today and the women and children of gaza could sleep peacefully tonight.

"The Israeli Genocide in Palestine March 29 - April 18, 2002" Are you referencing the 52 palestinians killed in jenin? Most of them werent civilians. Its funny that you bring up these dates though because from March 27 - April 12, 69 israeli civilians was killed by palestinian terrorists

Dehaf3069d ago

Oh I love how they say that Israeli children are suffering and living a hard life. Did you ever check out how Palestinians are surviving? Barely. Most Palestinian children are already dead. The rest are all suffering more than the Israeli children. Did you ever check how much support Israel has? They've got more technology, more money, and much more back-up than Palestine does. Palestine is suffering much more, and whoever says otherwise, is definitely a person backing up Israel. Because Israel is the one invading Palestine, not the other way around.