Barack Obama victory tweet most retweeted ever

BBC news-"The words "four more years", coupled with a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama embraced in a hug, have become the most retweeted Twitter post ever."

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EastBayPunk3190d ago

I doubt he even composes his own tweets... That's what PR people are for

gamernova3190d ago

PR does but every once in a while it is him. He signs his BO at the end so you know it's him.

Bathyj3190d ago

He didnt really win. Ballots were stolen.

If you dont believe me have Morgan Freeman explain it to you.

Speed-Racer3190d ago

lol, guessing you watched South Park last night?

Bathyj3190d ago

Just how many freckles does that guy have?

erikthegman3190d ago

American politics is just like politics everywhere else in the world. Divide the masses, keep them fighting amongst themselves, throw in some emotion and then give the ruling party a few years to rape you in the ass