eBay Bidding War For 'A Piece Of Cardboard Shaped A Bit Like An iPhone 5' Reaches Over £200,000

NRM: "The bidding for 'A piece of cardboard (shaped a bit like an iPhone 5)- USED' has been stopped at £200,100 by eBay. The product was removed on the grounds of 'false advertising' (surrounding calling it an iPhone 5); but has been claimed as a charity effort by supporter Julia McGill on her Just Giving page."

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MilkMan3185d ago

EBay has become a useless, stupid place to do business. I cant tell you how many times I've tried to sell something and no lives, scumbags bid on the item, last minute and then dissapear off the site. You call EBay and all they say is "sorry, we wont charge you for listing the item"
If you offer second change offers to the second highest bidder they don't even answer. I tell you, the site blows monkey nuts.
Then you have stupid shit like this.