Nexus 4 - Who needs LTE?


This month, we saw Google announce their successor to the Nexus phone.
It starts at a tantalizing £229 which, for the hardware that you get, is an incredible price. Packing a quad-core processor and a 4.8 inch screen that has a ppi of 320 (just 6 behind the iPhone 5) £229 seems like a bit of a bargain. But does it's lack of LTE make a difference?

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techtheweek3193d ago

Any comments would be appreciated

GuyThatPlaysGames3193d ago

LTE isn't even available yet here so it doesn't affect me at all :)

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Madusha3193d ago

Nexus 4 is simply amazing. Small price, amazing product. No LTE is not an issue in my opinion. LTE is not even here yet in my country of residence.

Gondee3193d ago

LTE is holding this handset back. I will not buy one :(

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The story is too old to be commented.