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Top 10 Predictions For iPhone of The Future

ProPakistani | Considering the fact that the hardware on an iPhone is limited, iOS is great for a mobile operating system but it will never match the functionality of a modern day desktop operating system. That might change in the near future.

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M_Prime3190d ago

i doubt that waterproof will ever fly because a waterlogged phone is a sale in their eyes.

Also MultiSim Options may be possible but i don't think too many people have a demand for it. Though it would be nice to have a Sim for Canada and a Sim for USA just for data. I know in US there are some prepaid Sims you can get with unlimited Data, When i was in Chicago last weekend i would love to have Data enabled but at roaming costs its just not worth it, I mean even $15 for data for the weekend would have been worth it to be able to have it ready to go.

as for IHologram, maybe in a few good years, though iProjector would be awesome i know there was a phone that had it (i think it was windows) and it didn't do that well, but iPhone would probably be the one to pull it off especially with netflix.