Apple offers up to $1 per device for Motorola Mobility patents

Macworld: Apple has offered to pay Google's Motorola Mobility unit up to one dollar per device for a license to its patents covering cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

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jerethdagryphon3196d ago

so thell pay 1$ but wanted 30$ for trivial patents from samsung

Gondee3191d ago

Did you watch the samsung trial, Samsung initially copied a shit load of stuff... while they have since migrated off those infringed areas, they still provided a starting point, and took advantage of apple research and development...

jerethdagryphon3191d ago

yes i did im also aware that the bounceback which apple wanted about 5$ per device for has been declared invalid,

the basic design of apple devices shouldnt have been patentable this is in relation to tech patents not design.