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Christina Aguilera Says She Loves Her Samsung Galaxy Note II - On Oct 25 in Beverly Hills, Christina Aguilera partied with Samsung Mobile to lauch the Samsung Galaxy Note II. There were many other celebrities at the party as well, including Liam Hemsworth, Kanye West, Octavia Spencer and many others.

Christina in particular pointed out how easy it was for her to take pictures from her kid on the go, as kids tend to run and play, and as a mom Galaxy Note II was perfect for her new lifestyle.

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DarkFireHawk3190d ago

I'm happy that there finally is some support for Samsung, after all the apple attacks some good publicity can help Samsung in the long run.

I just hope more people can see the potential of Samsung Smartphones and Tabs - upon each new release, there is a major improvement introduced. And also, they actually listen to their customers and users.

KingPin3190d ago

im thinking of getting the note 2. just not sure of the size coz il be using it as a phone too. but im definitely feeling the features. each video i see makes me want it more and more.

DarkFireHawk3190d ago

Well said, I agree . . . if it wasnt for the size it would be a no brainer. Many of my friends complained about the issue of using it as a phone. However one of them did suggest using handsfree and it did seem to work out for him.

However, have you seen the new HTC Butterfly?

SOO MANY OPTIONS! and that is really good! back in the day there was only apple, now there are so many good and decent options that are all equally superior from one another. Its so hard to choose, but I like to finally have the power TO choose! Right?