Microsoft: Google copied Apple’s smartphone interface design

Thenextweb: Today at its Windows Phone event in San Francisco, Microsoft acknowledged the important impact that Apple had on the smartphone industry.

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CraigandDayDay3198d ago

LoL It's pretty funny when even MS admits it. haha MS is supposed to be Apple's nemesis. One thing I'll say is that at least MS's Windows phones are unique in their interface.

Crazyglues3198d ago

Oh this is Priceless... Microsoft saying another company did copying.... LoL

I almost can't stop laughing to finish writing this.. and Windows 8 is not just a complete copy of a -wait for it.. starts with an i and ends in a P. A. D... LoL

Come on' Microsoft, Really. You really think your in a position to talk about who's copying who... :)

- I mean you gotta be kidding me -

mcstorm3198d ago

For me I think android copied windows mobile but made it easier to use without a pen.

I remember having my htc hd2 and my boss getting the desire and if you look at the os on both devices there was alot android took from wimo and made it work better on there devices.

At the end of the day everyone takes ideas from one another and adds there own ideas to it.

For me the best mobile os right now is windows phone because it fits my life the best and having a windows mobile since the early days and and android for 2 years windows phone feels different and fresh to the market.

Everyone likes different things in life and for me i want to see Apple Android Windows Phone and blackberry do well in all markets other wise the market will become stale and no one will be pushing anyone if its a one sided market.

Gondee3198d ago

They all have copied their fair share...

CraigandDayDay3198d ago

Exactly. LoL Everyone copies everyone. It's how ideas are made better. If every single idea were patented, technology would stagnate and innovation brought to a halt.

ArmrdChaos3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. =]