Samsung Sold Twice as Many Smartphones as Apple Last Quarter

Mashable: Samsung trounced Apple in smartphone sales last quarter, flooding the market with twice as many smartphones as its rival, according to one researcher.

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ArmrdChaos3202d ago

Well...that's a result of spending all of your energy patent suing instead of using it to innovate. You reap what you sow Apple.

lordgreeg3202d ago

I guess people are no longer that stupid. They waited to see what Apple is going to unveiled, and when they noticed that there is nothing revolutionary about the new iPhone, they decided to opt for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If it were to ask me, this was a great choice.

Anyway it would be too soon to say that Apple's iPhone is dying. Maybe Windows Phone and BlackBerry still have a chance in the mobile market so let's just wait and see what the end of the year will bring to us.

Revvin3202d ago

It must be fanboy feeding time. The last quarter? The iPhone 5 has only just been released with a lot of customers holding off buying a new iPhone till it was released so that skews the figure in favour of Samsung not to mention those figures bolstered by Samung's more budget friendly lower spec smartphones, not everyone wants to spend the money on an iPhone 5 or S3. Just buy whatever phone suits you, iOS or Android but basing a decision on who you perceive to be the 'bad guy' is just silly. Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft are all as bad as each other.


not to mention the fact samsung has 1000 diff phones and models not saying much at all...

KingPin3201d ago

whose fault is that. whats stopping apple from releasing budget phones into the market? besides pride that is. samsung knows how to handle the market, instead of making large profits of a few flagship phones they're willing to make small profits off many phones and at the end of the day it all adds up.

the article also didn't say if it was only iphone 5 or all iphones in total. fact is samsung trounced apple.

thebudgetgamer3202d ago

How many different phones do they sell ten, twenty? Do any of those individual phones outsell the Iphone?

KingPin3201d ago

read my response to OCEANGROWNKUSH above.