How To Customize And Select A Windows 8 PC That Matches Your Budget

WML Cloud - Looking to buy a Windows 8 tablet that matches your requirements and budget? Use this Microsoft Recommendation Wizard.

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aviator1893203d ago

I really dig that white acer s7. Definitely looks slick.

Treian3203d ago

lol at Windows 8. What a fail. Windows 7 is the best.

bwazy3203d ago

"Detailed graphics like Call of Duty"

I just pissed myself laughing, gotta go change.

evil_element3203d ago

What can I say, 99% will say no to Windows 8 if they are a pc gamer unless they buy the more pricy version to play third part games.

Steam has already hinted a no go policy with Windows 8.

Origin and the rest of crappier platforms haven't made any real comments either.

Software_Lover3202d ago

What? Steam is a PC program (application), that will work on f'n windows xp. It has to work on windows 8, and it does work on windows 8. Origin works fine.

Windows 8 is just basicly a new interface.

Software_Lover3202d ago

Now those legacy applications will not work on WINDOWS RT. I hope consumers will be educated on this fact, but I would probably have a better chance of hoping for gold to fall out of the sky for a week.

aesmith19883202d ago

You can play games on windows 8 I have it steam works just fine just as good as windows 7

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