Microsoft Kicks Off Windows 8 Era with Live Webcast

Maximum PC: After months of anticipation, sneak peeks, early looks, and even full blown reviews (including our own), the era of Windows 8 is finally upon us. Yes, general availability is still several hours away (Windows 8 formally launches on Octobe 26, 2012), but the festivities have already begun, starting with and ad campaign and continuing today with a livestream introducing the touch-friendly OS. You can view the whole below.

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newsguy3193d ago

Windows 8 "Era?" eh? We'll see..

KingPin3192d ago

is it just me or is releasing a new OS every 3 years a bit ridiculous. i mean lets be realistic, people used xp from say 2001/2002 and probably only changed to win 7 in 2009/2010. thats a period of about 8 years on 1 OS. whats wrong with win7 that makes it not good anymore. surely they could have added the features of windows 8 to windows 7 via a simple service pack.

Crazyglues3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

KingPin that is a very valid point. No one is forcing you to upgrade, you can stay with win 7 for the next 8 years..LoL -sorry I had to say it..

But all jokes aside. (it's not like they are killing off win 7)

-And from a company stand point that doesn't make sense to just sit still and hope competition doesn't eat you alive.

-But besides just that, Windows 8 is actually better.. why would you not want to get something that is better... you lose nothing from windows 7 and you gain all the new good features..

Better battery life / less CPU hit on Desktops
Faster boot time / Faster everything
Smaller memory footprint / Better memory usage
Compatible with Windows 7 hardware and software

-And to answer your last statement, No they could not just do a simple service pack update because Win 8 does everything different in-order to archive it's benefits... you can't put that much new way of doing things in a service pack - Win 8 is a Game changer..

Now before you start thinking I'm a Microsoft Plant let me just say oh No, I actually hated win 8 at first, before I understood exactly what they did, then I came to Love it..

-Now it's all I use on my Desktop.. Win 8 is pretty Awesome.

KingPin3192d ago

lol bro.

reading your reply i didn't think you were an MS plant. im not one of those types labelling people for giving good responses.

i guess you right, but i still really don't see the point of a 3 year update. windows 8 may be awesome, but couldn't they have thought of this 3 years ago and made windows 7 windows 8?

but yeah, like you said, no one is forcing me so il just wait a while longer. i mean after getting a laptop with win 7 last year, im not gonna folk out more cash to buy windows 8 after just 1 year of using windows 7.