Apple iPad Mini Will Not Beat Kindle Fire HD Or Nook HD

TheDroidGuy: "Of course the iPad Mini is going to sell well just because Apple has millions of fanboys backing what they are doing. What I’m talking about is that the iPad Mini will not best the new Kindle Fire HD or any of the Nook HD devices. Apple’s entry into the “budget” tablet market seems to be rather mediocre with new iPad Mini priced at a whopping $329 when you can get more for your money by purchasing a Nexus 7 for a mere $200. As with most iOS devices, the only reason it is going to sell well is because of the millions of fanboys Apple has."

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eferreira3193d ago

lol author seems angry. Why do you care so much of who beats who. Just be happy we have options and enjoy what you buy. Oh wait your a droid fanboy that has to convert everyone they meet. I like both before anyone opens their mouth.

aviator1893193d ago

I dislike the ipad but I think the mini will sell pretty well. As for me, surface pro.

evil_element3193d ago

Lol, I would eat my own words if he was actually like. Ok, lets see how it preforms in the coming months. Instead he slates it before it has even grazed the shop selves.

Gondee3193d ago

Its almost like he is afraid of Apple killing off the NookHD and Kindle Fire HD.

"Of course the iPad Mini is going to sell well just because Apple has millions of fanboys backing what they are doing "

How can he expect anyone to believe his analysis if thats how he thinks Apple devices are sold. My mom isnt a "Apple Fan Boy" but she will continue to upgrade with apple. Why? She is comfortable with their devices, they are easy to use and generally work all the time. When theres a problem, she can get help. In fact, she says the people at the Apple store want to help her. They have built a reputation for helping and catering to their customer. They have loyal customers only because no one else provides the consistency and level of service that Apple does.

What would happen if my mom got a Android phone? Who will help her? If theres problem with the hardware, where will she go? She doesnt want to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting and then have to mail her phone off only to guess when she will see it again. She wants to walk into a store, and walk out with a working device. Simplicity is king.