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Samsung wins preliminary round over Apple patent

(Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, which is battling Apple Inc across the globe for dominance of the smartphone market, dealt the California company a setback by winning a preliminary invalidation of a key Apple patent, according to a court filing.

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KingPin3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

so samsung lost a case for infringing a patent that shouldn't have even been granted in the first place. the US patent system and the US courts have their heads so far up their asses its not even funny anymore. basically this is how you steal money from honest companies.

step 1: file a patent thats so general, it shouldn't be allowed
step 2: get patent approved
step 3: file lawsuit against any company that used general idea
step 4: get the court to give you the verdict you looking for
step 5: competitor has to pay billions in damages
step 6: pay tax on said billions
step 7: free money for the country.

i think every country should start using this system. especially in Asia just so that they can get their money back.