Apple unveils next-generation iMac with slimmer design and Ivy Bridge, starting at $1,299

Engadet: Who said Apple's event was all about the little things? Apple just unveiled its first redesign to its iMac desktop in three years. The new all-in-one makes the widely expected leap to Intel's Ivy Bridge processor architecture, but also represents a much leaner and meaner replacement for the 2009-era template -- it has a much, much svelter profile.

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noprin3205d ago

its nice for those who works with apple

Crazyglues3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

?... Do you mean from a design stand point..

Because, it seems like it will be nice for the consumer too, pretty cool computer? Little expensive but really nice design.

LOL_WUT3205d ago

Looks beautiful! If only i had the money...

krazykombatant3204d ago

shouldn't your paycheck from apple be arriving soon? I only say this due to the fact that your usually just performing fellatio to the apple brand.

Qrphe3205d ago

Totally not worth it, I can buy myself something much more powerful with that money.

Blackdeath_6633204d ago is the case with most apple products. what confuses me the most is this unnecessary obsession apple has with slimmer devises. i had money to buy the newest and greatest imac i wouldn't. i would make my own pc twice as good with half the price tag

mcstorm3205d ago

I like the design of this device but yet again its price is way too much. Dell do a All in one Windows 8 with touch display and i7 2TB HDD and 8 GB of ram for less than this.

I think if Apple start to drop the price of there products then they could really start to eat in to Microsoft's desktop market share but until they do this they wont.

I know the dell is not as nice looking as the Mac but the design is not that bad and its also a bigger screen to.

Kaneda3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Come on! you can't compare a Dell with apple computer! Apple can run windows 8 too.. that is the nice thing about it.. best of both world

Grap3204d ago

every **** with electronic device on it can run windows. that's why windows is better

Kaneda3204d ago

But not every electronics can run OS X....

mcstorm3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

@Kaneda your missing the point.

The Apple machine is more expensive then to add the Price of Windows 8 on top to install on it only adds to the price and as I said the Apple device is not as high spec as the Dell so your getting even less for your money.

A computer is a tool at the end of the day and for me a Mac or Idevice are all over prices for what they give you compared to other branded items.

Just because something looks nice should not = a higher price. Look at the surface for this example.

Also why would you want a duel boot any pc? You should use the OS that fits your life the best to.

I use windows as it fits my life better than OSX and Linux as I have tried them but they were lacking software or causing issues when trying to do some things at home.

Kaneda3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


I use OS X for work...

I use Windows for BF3 - other games...

I need a tool I can rely on... to pay more to get my works done.. just like how you describe the OS.. OS that fits you best...

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lugia 40003204d ago

So what costs more, the apple or the hardware?

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