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Most companies won't be early adopters of Windows 8

Reuters : There was once a time when the launch of a new Windows operating system was a huge deal for the technology departments in many businesses. Not anymore.

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AgentWhite3198d ago

I guess windows 8 is not as user friendly as windows 7.In addition to companies most people wont adopt windows 8 early .

aviator1893198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Just like with xp. Disliked upon launch and had a marketshare of only 10% after one year, but became one of microsoft's best, if not best, operating systems.

ZombieNinjaPanda3198d ago

I doubt Windows 8 will have that same effect. The UI for starters is something people don't like since it's catered to Tablets and not computers. But a myriad of other reasons too. Not to mention gamers wouldn't like it.

Software_Lover3197d ago

I see no reason for businesses to leave windows 7. They do not need an apps marketplace. Windows 7 does have a 64bit O.S. and works great.

Honest_gamer3197d ago

windows 95 - bad
windows 98 - good
windows me - bad
windows xp - good
windows vista - bad
windows 7 - good
windows 8? well surly they can get it right this time? nah i doubt it, year or two and windows 9 will come out miles better than 8 jsut like vista and 7