Internet providers to begin warning customers who pirate content

ARStechnica : The Center for Copyright Information has revealed more details about its "six strikes" system, which it calls the Copyright Alert System (CAS). In a blog post published Thursday morning, the program’s head, Jill Lesser, announced that the CAS “will begin in the coming weeks.”

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AgentWhite3208d ago

The big question is can they warning strong enough to stop piracy ?

CraigandDayDay3208d ago

If they start taking legal action, then I believe a large majority of people will stop doing it. This was inevitable really. People need to pay for their content. I know free sounds better, but the fact of the matter is, someone had to pay money to make it so you can pay to watch it or listen to it. Simple as that.

Piracy will be stopped in some form or fashion.

mushroomwig3207d ago

'I believe a large majority of people will stop doing it.'

Not a chance, they don't have the time or resources to punish everybody. They will make exceptions out of certain people just like they have always done but piracy will never stop.

Thatguy-3103207d ago

Exactly. People need to understand that nothing in life is free. In today's society everything we have is because people are working hard to provide it for us. Music, Movies, Games etc. are someone's hard work and pirating their content is simply a slap in the face.

M_Prime3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

my question is about TV shows, I sometimes can't catch the show i want when its on so i am forced to download it, but its not like i can go and buy the show if i want to keep up (survivor, breaking bad, walking dead) until almost a year after the season is over. So even if i want to give them my money i cant.

Also in Canada we don't get HULU so that sucks but there are other sites that have content on it to stream. Why not target those sites because you know they are pirating it.

or what about me ripping my DVD and letting my friend watch it on dropbox?

will the porn industry be in on this too?

ZombieNinjaPanda3208d ago

The only people who they find that pirate content are the people who download from popular torrents and seed forever. Can't tell with sites like mediafire, 4shared etc.

Tyrone_Biggums3207d ago

What if you download from popular torrent sites and then don't seed. Like as soon as the torrent is finished downloading you press STOP. May be an a-hole thing to do but would that be safer? And I don't think it matters if the torrent site is popular since the hash of the torrent would be consistent across torrent sites.

M_Prime3205d ago

yeah, i get what you are saying about the HASHes, i used to use DEMONOID until it went down and they had plenty of torrents that were from other sites but people verified the contents integrity so it was good stuff always

Wikkid6663207d ago

They've been warning people for years. I've got it a few times. It's telling you that you have been caught. ISP gets the info from copyright holder or the agency working for them. The copyright holder only has your IP address, so they have to contact the ISP to get your name and address. Most of the time they will just send warning. The only thing the ISP will do is cancel your service.

maniac763207d ago

Um most peeps that use torrents \joe average/ will hear about things such as tor and vpn and will start using those. Do they really think they cannstop this,people can send small files via email etc. its up to the consumer to think wot they listen or watch is good enuff or liket enuff to support there fav singer or director and pay for it.

JD_Shadow3207d ago

The problem of privacy, though, comes into play, and I have a feeling that this will be challenged immediately.

What will they consider piracy, for one?
How will they monitor? How will they monitor it?
What info is going to be looked at? How much of it?
Are my browsing habits going to be judged?
To what extent will they go to stop things, assuming I did anything at all?

I'm sure there are some other questions, too, but bottom line is that I don't want some ISP snooping around, looking at my private info because they suspect something, or whatever. And to be able to do this, they pretty much would have to monitor things "all day, every day", which is a red flag.

Sad thing is, most people who are "anti-piracy" will not even think of, or if they're thinking actually encourage, the destruction of online privacy to fight things they know nothing about or don't know how to fix. This will be challenged pretty quickly by those who know better.

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