Traditional AntiVirus Software Losing Popularity And Effectiveness

TechSpyre - Almost one and half month before security laboratories with teams of highest qualified professionals discovered some serious limitations to these security software including Symantec, MaCafee, AVG, F-Secure, Panda and Trend Micro as these company occupy almost 75% share of total security services around the globe. This analytical study was conducted in number of countries all together in Iran, Russia and Hungry where they discovered that a malware named Flame (which is the most complicated malware to date) has no threat from any security software service provider. Two years ago Flame worked as digital spy by creating replicas of documents on target machine, recording audio files, recording key strokes, tracing network traffic in real time environments, screenshots of effected computer and other important information syncing to its creator. None of the security software ever buzzes any danger when illegal activities were carried out heavily on internet.

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gadgeek3208d ago

I deeply apologize for this ultimate stupidity. Will be more careful next time. Thanks for ... pointing.. out... Sorry again!

dennett3163208d ago

Why on Earth should I click on an article that is THAT poorly written? Is it translated from a foreign language or something?

PENGUINKK3208d ago

Seriously, I thought I was going crazy reading that.

Qrphe3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

>implying this is a bad thing

Security overall, produces nothing, so it's a waste of money. Viruses haven't really been a problem on Unix OSes so it's a good thing Microsoft has found itself armed against them natively from the OS.