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Microsoft Surface Pre-Orders Sell Out in U.S.

Mashable-"Pre-orders for the Microsoft Surface tablet slated to ship on October 26 have sold out for U.S. customers."

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Qrphe3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Ergh, at least this is the device where "Win8 Metro" will really shine.

evil_element3205d ago

Just wait till we see millions looking for a refund.

fatstarr3205d ago

bleah, people know im an apple hater
but Microsoft needs to come better
those prices are shit awful especially for what they plan to do.
and for the RT versions as well.

ill have to see what the hacker community does with these devices before I can shell out so much , if they mod RT so it becomes a regular pc.exe tablet and not some metro.ui app masheen Im all over it.

Veni Vidi Vici3205d ago

First off, has MS said how many tablets they "sold out" of? For all we know, it could be 10,000.

Secondly, like fatstarr said, MS royally screwed up with the pricing. For that price it should have included the keyboard- and even then I think it should have been cheaper.

Face the facts, the apps for this thing are a joke when compared to Apple or even Android. Also, MS has a horrible reputation. Other than the Xbox, what has MS made that's been successful in regards to hardware? You're risking $600 on a device that could be ditched in a year just like the Zune or Kin.

The only way MS could have put a dent in the iPad is if they had better hardware for a much lower price with an apps store that isn't a joke. Every other example of tablet that's been priced similar to the iPad has failed. The only time other tablets do well is if they are priced around $200 like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire.

Software_Lover3205d ago

How are the Apps a joke? People keep saying that but in reality how many do people use outside of the basic stuff: Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, a few banking apps, some games, etc. App count means nothing really. If microsoft had 10million apps and apple had 500,000 app count would still mean nothing.

DivineHand1253205d ago

I believe they had a very small supply of the for pre-order because i cannot comprehend why anyone would want to spend $500-$700 for it. It could be that the buyers did not read they fine print that said Windows RT does not support desktop apps or they are diehard fanboys. They would be better off buying a google nexus 7 for half the price or several other tables that are around the same price but has better specs and app support.