The next Macs: What we expect

CNET-"Along with a likely iPad Mini, Apple also looks ready to announce one or more new Macs next week. Here's a look at what's likely -- and what's not."

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Software_Lover3211d ago

Lenovo a720 says hello. If it had thunderbolt it would destroy the Imacs in just about every way possible.

evil_element3210d ago

The experience of broken support, un-user friendly GUI, one sided platform and cheap exterior add into the Lenvovo experience.

Would be easier to slate Apple if Lenvovo made music players, tablets and computers which all work together flawlessly. But they don't. There a company which churn out the same thing day in day out. Same business model as last 20 years. Only thing selling these computers is brand name and advances in OS technology.

KingPin3210d ago

The next Macs: What we expect
under performing hardware at over expensive prices. just like everything else apple builds.

evil_element3210d ago

@Kingpin bare in mind. Apple don't sell their computers as the company alienware but rather a different experience.

Q. Why why why not the latest tech?

A. It was stated not that long ago why Apple seem to always have tech which under preformed or wasn't the newest. Reason they said is simple, they don't set them selves out as cutting edge techology giant cramming the latest gizmo's and gadgets under their products.

Whats the point installing 5Ghz CPU when a 3.4Ghz does the same job but with less issues such as heat, noise, vibration, required housing e.t.c All the tech used in Apple products are accounted for in the design of their products. So obvious things such as noisy fans, big vents, extra thickness to chassis and heat production can be eliminated a lot better.

If you can spot the key difference between Apple and say our good friend Samsung. Apple's departments all work from the design studio working to the engineers.
Whilst the traditional route of making a product is kept at Samsung having no departments talking and having the engineers ruling over the designers.

They shitty features which tend to pop up in technology nowadays such as noisy fans, big vents, extra thickness to chassis e.t.c are usually a result because engineers go off course from the design adding extra dimensions were they need it. Its only now with some tech getting super small that these issues have become a lot less.

Q. Why is the price is so expensive?

A. Apple don't mass produce products per week. While other companies do, usually to the point where the market is saturated. The price lies between the design, engineering, material, marketing, labor, the user experience, quality control and Apple care of your product.

Much like buying a Ferrari, you buy it for its prestige, name and quality. You wouldn't buy a significantly lesser company car which might equal it or beat it because that car will not have the same image in public.