FTC offers $50,000 to whoever solves the illegal telemarketing phone call problem

TheNextWeb : The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today announced that enough is enough. The agency has had it with illegal prerecorded telemarketing calls and wants you to solve the problem. The free FTC Robocall Challenge is offering a $50,000 cash prize to whoever creates the best technical solution that blocks commercial robocalls on landlines and mobile phones.

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AgentWhite3199d ago

Is it too late ? I hope someone will find a solution for this problem very soon . Its really annoying. Good news is you have $50,000 to GRAB.

Soldierone3199d ago

For smartphones I'd assume its easy. Just create an app with an online database. If you get spammed, you can add the number to the database. A team verifies the number and adds it, then sends a quick update to the app.

The phone then uses the app to block any incoming calls from the numbers. There is something similar for texting. You add the number and your phone will just auto reply whatever message you put in for the number.

Mark4843198d ago

nice offer..but I think If I found solution for illegal telemarketing phone call problem I will get more because whole world is facing this problem!!!

Speed-Racer3198d ago

Ban all calls from India. Problem solved. LOL