Google announces new Samsung Chromebook, available for $249 on Monday (hands-on photos)

The Verge: Google is making the case for the Chromebook to become everybody's second computer with a new model retailing for only $249. Available Monday, the new Samsung Chromebook is based on its Exynos 5 Dual ARM processor, which has essentially been a smartphone or tablet dual-core processor to date.

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Gondee3205d ago

That looks so much like a Mac Air. With the exception of the hinge.

Apple and samsung are in fullout war...

Speed-Racer3204d ago

Acer has a new ultrabook which also exhibits design features from the MacBook Air. Dunno if this is intentionally being done just to take a stab at Apple?

Gondee3204d ago

Looks intentional, the track pad, the arrow keys on the keyboard, the positioning and color of the samsung logo....

evil_element3204d ago

There's me thinking Samsung and Google were held back with their designs and innovation by Apple.

Tzuno3204d ago

I will stick with Sony-Ericsson all the way.

newsguy3204d ago

Do people still care about chromebooks?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

for that price I would say yes.. for people who only want to surf the net this is perfect.

Gondee3204d ago

The bigger question is, can it run windows 8? if that were the case!!! :)

Mark4843204d ago

Really looking good !!! A new OS .. I will like to purchase it..

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