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Standalone Surface RT Tablets Sell Out in One Day, Windows 8 Pro Models 'Coming Soon'

Maximum PC: Well that was fast, Despite all the speculation about Microsoft's pricing strategy for Surface, there were enough pre-order buyers to deplete whatever initial stock of the standalone 32GB model the Redmond company had set aside. Now when you go to order a 32GB Surface RT without a Touch Cover, the estimated delivery is "within 3 weeks" instead of October 26, which is when the other models will still arrive.

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newsguy3208d ago

Maybe M$ didn't make many units, and that's why they're sold out...

aviator1893207d ago

It's been reported that they've made about 3-5 million surface units.
That's quite a load, imo.

Cueil3206d ago

it's more likely they didn't expect it to be as big as it is... though it does create some positive vibes. Not selling units because you purposely didn't make enough is a dangerous proposition in such a competitive environment.