Are E-Book Readers Worth Purchasing Anymore?

TheDroidGuy - "When I say e-Book readers, I’m talking about devices like the Nook Color or Kindle Paperwhite. I’m not talking about things like the Kindle Fire HD or the Nook Tablet, because those are not e-Readers, they are tablets. With that out of the way, a lot of us like purchasing tablets because of all the amazing and cool things that they are able to do. One of those things that tablets are able to do, is take on the role of an e-Reader with various apps like Kindle or NOOK."

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Speed-Racer3210d ago

If you actually like reading books, I would recommend an e-ink reader. Your eyes will appreciate it in the long run as well since the glare from tablets are just as tiresome as that from laptops. Battery life is amazing as well and most ebooks are barely over 1MB in size. If your needs are more multi-purpose, then go with a tablet.

M_Prime3209d ago

i agree that tablets would hurt your eyes in the long run and i don't read enough books to make a e-ink reader viable, i just buy paper but i definitely like the look of the text on them. Though are they backlit for low light situations?

Speed-Racer3209d ago

Yea the backlit models are for night time reading. Supposedly not as intense as a tablet screen.

Imo, I don't have an issue with either, consumers just need to know what they will most need it for.