Microsoft Plans To Ship 3-5 Million Surface RT Tablets: Can Microsoft Beat Apple?

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft is showing confidence in its Surface RT Windows 8 tablet push by making plans to ship 3-5 million units by this fall. That is a big number, but not huge enough as Apple's iPad is shipping three times that amount."

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Veni Vidi Vici3210d ago

I don't think they can but I REALLY wish someone would. I cannot stand Apple.

adorie3210d ago

Microsoft could sell more devices, but would it make more money? More than likely, not.

Veni Vidi Vici3210d ago

In the short term, no. In the long term, probably yes.

It's the same principle they took with the Xbox. They lost TONS of money with the original Xbox. They knew they would. They did it anyways because they knew it would get their foot in the door in that industry and lead to much bigger things. They now plan on the Xbox being the home entertainment hub for the entire family- not just kids.

The same could be said with the tablet segment. Get you foot in the door in this segment and it could lead to big things- especially since people are buying fewer PC's now. MS NEEDS to get into this market segment or they'll suffer in a big way.

Clarence3210d ago

Nope if Apple bring out mini iPad it's price will be lower than the cheapest surface tablet. Apples iPad will not be beaten by the surface. Not in the short term not in the long term.

f7897903209d ago

I really do want to buy a Surface. It's biggest selling point is the awesome keyboard.

Unfortunately that's $600 right there. People are going to jump for a "cool" iPad at that point. Microsoft needs to sell at production costs and make it back in the Win 8 app store.