Will It Blend? iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 put through the ringer

Ubergizmo: If you’ve been using the internet long enough, chances are you’ve come across the Blendtec YouTube channel. For those unfamiliar, the Blendtec YouTube channel hosts a series of hilarious videos called, “Will It Blend?” in which a variety of items, electronic and non-electronic, are stuffed into the blender which then tears it apart. In fact one video even had them blending the Guitar Hero guitar controller. Well the folks at Blendtec are back and this time they have decided to pit both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 against each other to see which item can withstand the blending better.

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KingPin3509d ago

thats 1.47mins il never get back. how is this interesting? its retarded. how bored must these idiots be to come up with this? whats the point of it? who buys a cellphone coz its "blend resistant"? could someone please answer this for me.

evil_element3509d ago

I would give him $500 if he mixes the two phones into a milkshake and drinks it ^^

KingPin3509d ago

il double that to see him talk on both phones while jumping into the blender feet first.

M_Prime3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Thats a hell of a blender, but can it crush ice?

jerethdagryphon3509d ago

gotta say the samsung was far more resilint at first