iPad Mini, anyone? Apple sets Oct. 23 event

Cnet: As rumored, Apple has sent out invitations for a special event, where the company is widely expected to debut a smaller iPad model.

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Crazyglues3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Well, well, well... would you look at that, the rumors are right on the money.

It would seem that these days with the Mighty Steve Jobs no Longer at the wheel Apple can't keep anything secret anymore..

Just about everything about the iphone 5 got leaked and was all over the place, and the iPad mini hasn't even got out of the plastic yet and it's already leaked.

I doubt there will be anything at this show that we have not seen already. And even with all that said I'm still excited.. (might even get an iPad Mini)

Steve you will indeed be missed but forever remembered as I just bought a Steve Jobs iPhone case.. It looks pretty cool too -