Microsoft announces Surface with Windows RT prices

TechDeville: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT is now up for preorder with price starting from $499 without the keyboard

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Thefreeman0123815d ago

I was really excited for this befor the price

ammarmalik3815d ago

It's priced correctly. I don't know what your expectations were

Thefreeman0123815d ago

I was expecting maybe the price range of 300-400 for the RT and 600-800 for the pro. Tablet tech has been out for a while and if they wanted to compete with apple they should have priced it a bit under what apple has.....I was ready to sell my ipad to get one untill i couldnt afford it

Veni Vidi Vici3814d ago

I'm sorry, but it's not priced correctly. If you aren't Apple, you're going to have to undercut them on price in order to be successful. Just look at Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. They are dirt cheap which is why they're so popular. Then when you factor in the fact that MS's app store is going to be a joke when compared to Apple, you have a tablet that is expensive and won't have the apps that you want/need.

For that price, they should have included the keyboard. The lack of apps alone is enough of a reason to expect this tablet to fail.

Look, I HATE Apple. Nothing would make me happier than to have someone beat the iPad. I just don't see this tablet being the one to do it. It's expensive, poor app support, and it's from MS- MS doesn't have the best reputation.

Perhaps the app support will get up to par but that's a bit of a risk considering Google can't even get their app store on par with Apple.

If you want to beat the iPad, they hardware has to be just as good, the apps have to be there, and it has to be cheaper than the iPad.

fatstarr3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I was expecting 299 -399 for a base tablet that inst exe comparable
and this pricing for the real deal full version.
but I guess you cant expect good from this.

what an apple move shame on them really.
up to 1100$ (assuming the non rt price could be this high in the air) for a tablet you might as well buy a new laptop when you think about it.

Software_Lover3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I think it could've/should've been 100.00 cheaper maybe. Maybe even 50.00 cheaper. But with enough marketing and getting the word out it could do well.

I really just cant believe they priced the typing cover at 120.00. I just dont see why they feel the need to price it so high. Of course, I dont know the amount that it costs them to make it but damn.

Cueil3815d ago

to be fair you can just buy your own keyboard and mouse combo for it

ngecenk3815d ago

and they expect to compete with ipad with this price?

well.. good luck! you'll need that

HK63815d ago

How is that pricing not competitive with the iPad? 32GB Surface is $499 USD. 3rd-gen 16GB iPad is $499 USD. The 3rd-gen 32GB iPad is $100 more than the Surface. Don't forget that the Surface has a USB port, native HD-out port, and a microSD card slot to expand the memory or get pictures off your phone/camera. All of those features require adapters for the iPad.

fatstarr3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

because apple is a luxury brand,
your technology shouldn't even be in that range.
wtf 500$ for a slate of lcd and metal that costs under 150$ to make. I honestly think Microsoft is charging its self for the dam os instead of giving it away in their own devices.

and the freaking apple hipsters no I dont even know what they are yet. the freaking technology hipsters and band wagoners and website casual sheep fanbase yuppies just preorder this shit away triggering lights in Microsofts head telling them the pricing is a good idea. these sheep are just ruining the market. had the real tech people taken a stand and said no we would have real pricing.

DivineHand1253815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Microsoft has priced them selves out of the competition imo. This is the lower end version of the tablet with almost no apps ready for it and yet it's priced closely with the ipad which has a massive install base and millions of apps available.

Sure its nice that you get office built in but from a consumer point of view, going with the IPAD seems to be the better deal and $500 - $700 is too big of an investment to make on a new product that is just now entering a mature environment.

jib3815d ago

it doesn't run windows based software on it? i thought RT was just a lighter windows 8 os?

DivineHand1253815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

It can't, I don't have expert knowledge on hardware so I can't say I'm with 100% certainty why but I've read somewhere that it's because windows rt devices uses arm processors. This type of a processor has a different architecture than desktop processors and it would be impossible to run windows applications on it.

proof that it can't run desktop apps comes straight from the horses mouth

scroll to frequently asked questions and read the first Q&A

"Note that desktop apps can't run on Windows RT"

Not to be confused with the higher end model though which can run desktop applications though due to the fact that it is using an intel processor

blumatt3814d ago

Yep and that shows how MS is fragmenting itself right out of the gate. To have different versions of the tablet which can't run all the same apps is NOT a good idea. The iPad doesn't have that problem. ALL iPads can run ALL the apps (that I'm aware of anyway).

They should have made either all of them ARM-based or all of them Intel-based. That would've produced less confusion amongst consumers.

Either way, I think it's great they're throwing in Office for free and built-in. Nice.

aviator1893815d ago

I already put down 2 pre-orders for christmas.
The second that campos ad went up, my niece was all over it. Of course, I'm waiting for the pro version.

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