Dictate Emails To Windows Phone With Say Mail! Speech To Text App

WMLCloud: While text to speech technology seems to be functional via various applications and web apps, the same cannot be said for “Speech To Text”. Many speech to text engines are highly dysfunctional and difficult to operate and train. Furthermore, apps like Siri or Microsoft’s TellMe can be quite dysfunctional when one wishes to dictate longer passages to them, (e.g. to send a text message). Say Mail! is a Windows Phone application which provides accurate speech to text functionality to help you dictate text for emails. Interestingly, Say Mail has just two features which includes the option to speak to dictate text (speech to text) and to read out dictated text (text to speech).

One of the biggest hallmarks of Say Mail is it’s accuracy in recognizing speech to translate it to text. In fact, you are likely to get everything right in the first attempt and in case there are a few errors, you can manually edit text later on.

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