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The Digg brand is Unofficially Dead

The Future Post: Just like Enron and Worldcom, the Digg brand is a dead horse.

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AgentWhite3540d ago

Things can change very fast within a span of time , even the survival for fittest has been proven wrong on web , we have seen how yahoo being a expert arn't doing too well ....same is with digg its graph has fallen dramatically and quickly .

adorie3540d ago

I can't say I feel bad for Digg, they DUGG their own graves with a bunch of missteps.

Soldierone3540d ago

What was up with their latest update? Thats when I quit using it.

EVERY single other website is leading towards networking and communities, and that was probably the most important thing about Digg. Then they get bought out and completely dump that aspect and decide to just be a filter of news? wth?

I was done when you couldn't submit a story, but instead submit and hope an editor there approved it....

GrumpyVeteran3540d ago

I remember hearing about Digg about 4 years ago, but never went to the website or knew wtf it was.