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Apple sued over improper use of Retina Display Picture

Patently Apple: Apple is being used over wrongful use of the Retina Display picture by the Swiss artist

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KingPin4003d ago

guess apple didn't see that one coming :P

anyone? no? no?

<crawls back into cave>

tarbis4003d ago

He should sue apple for billions. Apple deserves that.

Lvl_up_gamer4003d ago

And be very clear how the funds should be received and in what increments so is to avoid several large dump trucks filled with nickels parked outside of their door. ;)

blumatt4003d ago

LoL. Funny.

Apple doesn't deserve as much hate as it gets. All companies sue constantly. Apple just seems to get much more attention in the media since they're a market leader.

evil_element4003d ago

Its cool at the moment to hate Apple. Give it a few years and Samsung and Google will be hated.

People just follow trends.

dennett3164003d ago

Yes Evil_element, people do follow trends. And that's exactly why Apple products are as popular as they are...hype and marketing refined to a precision point and targeted directly to the "show-off" centre of the brain.
They're good products, of course they are, few can deny it...but it's image that counts. Other devices offer more for people's money, yet Apple continues to dominate because it knows how to target people and make them aspire to own the product - they too can be part of the cool herd.

Shadow Flare4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


And it's that exact reason I wish people [read: android nerds] on this site would shut up about apple.

Like blumatt said, all companies sue. I've seen samsung do some pretty dumbass things myself. Apple really does get the spotlight though. Its almost like they can do no right and android companies can do no wrong. It really is cool to hate apple at the moment.

You said it yourself, iPhone is a good product. Well just leave it as that then. Let people enjoy it. Who cares what they spend their money on, why the hell does it affect you?

For once I wish I could go on techspy and read the interesting articles and read the comment section (which I like to do on every site) without having everybody bashing apple, even when the article has nothing to do with apple sometimes.

I actually put off buying an iPod because I always thought the Sony mp3 Walkman was superior product. And then I put off buying an iPhone because I thought it was quite a show off sort of thing to have. Until I actually bought an iPhone 4 and it is by far, by far the best phone I have ever owned. I'm sure it's not THE best phone out there maybe but everyone's needs are different and for me the iPhone 4 impressed me no end.

So I don't mind apple now. Compare that to the many nerds I've seen on this site who proudly claim to have never owned an apple product and never will. Yet bash the products. Right....makes sense.

So I'll just say this. Apple arent the only ones that sue, and they make good products. Leave it at that.

Not just directed at you, but 90% of techspy

raytraceme4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


I think your ending should say "made good products" now all apple does is refresh it's hardware and software. ios feels too old, and should have been replaced by now. Their osx hasn't changed much since it was first created. Apple's ui needs a whole new overhaul if apple wants to get my interest.

dennett3164003d ago

@Shadow Flare, I really have no axe to grind against Apple or for Android...I've had both and sold them both on as I just don't get enough use from them.
The fact is though, Apple close their products off WAY too much and also charge way too much for what they actually offer - though it's really more their computers and laptops that suffer the most there...those things are HUGELY over priced.
People always talk of build quality and great software, but itunes is a fiddly pain in the ass to use at times. Both my Sister and her BF have had problems with it screwing up their installed apps. And as for build quality. I have an old 256mb capacity Chinese MP3 player...made of metal, little joystick for selecting stuff, still holds it's charge and is solid as hell.
We've had 3 ipod touches develop charging problems, including the battery draining VERY quickly. It's not just Apple on that Sister had an Orange San Francisco that started overheating when charging or used for playing games. Difference between that and the ipod though, I could buy her a replacement battery.
Meanwhile, the little cheap, unbranded Chinese MP3 player still ticks along nicely and has the same battery level it had when I got it new.
Both sides have their problems, and you can't stick your head in the sand just because people come on these sites and offer opinions you may not like.
Apple products are often overpriced, and in regards to their computers and laptops, under-specced for what they charge. They are too closed off, and that inconveniences the consumer. And finally, their bully boy tactics are starting to annoy. They may not be the only company to throw around lawsuits, but they are the only ones to try to copyright shapes.

Somebody4003d ago

I guess the comments here sums up the whole situation nicely with Apple vs other mobile device makers. People follow trends like when the first iProducts first storm the market but now it's trending to hate Apple. It's a cry for change. There are tons of different shapes and sizes of android devices but it's Apple with its virtually identical devices one after another that dominates. They say you innovate by being different but Apple stayed with the same design for every generation. Sure, features are added, OSes upgraded but it's like changing the engines of a car - it's still the same old chassis.

Apple doesn't deserve the hate but the consumers have the right to do so. It's way to keep it line. Being a market leader is a powerful situation to be in and people subconsciously don't want it being too dominant. The ability to dictate what others can or cannot do, what screen sizes others should do, what kind of shape you can or cannot do, limiting rival OSes' capabilities...Apple is practically doing those stuff so some sort of rebellion is expected.

Shadow Flare4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


Ok, I'm not going to rant about this but you seemed to suggest something thats said a lot on this site:

Apple sued Samsung for $1 billion for having round corners.

No they didn't, nobody gets sued $1 billion just for having rounded corners.

Im not saying apples approach may not have been spurious, I'm just suggesting apple had A LOT more evidence and examples of product similarity then JUST round corners. Because you do not get sued $1 billion just for round corners. If I've misunderstood you're point, forgive me, my brain is tired at the moment

And i don't consider myself a big apple fan by the way. Because one thing you said which I totally agree on is iTunes is utter horse trollop. I hate iTunes so much, that I haven't upgraded to ios6, in fact I'm still using ios4. FOUR. IOS4, because I hate iTunes so much that I don't want to plug my phone in to upgrade.

But that being said, iTunes has an absolutely enormous song library. And that is one thing I love about iPhone. Any song, even the most obscure, I can soundhound it on my phone and buy it from iTunes instantly.

Whatever though, all I'm really trying to say is, I would love to read the comment section in techspy without having to read 90 million android fanboy rants about the iPhone. I always enjoy reading comments because there are sometimes some gems people write. But techspy has one of the worst comment sections ever. Because no matter the article, I guarentee it will be full of android nerds saying how apple needs to die, apple are a cancer, apple are like nazis.

Techspy is worse then N4G, and there were some mental cases there.

insomnium24002d ago

@shadow flare

"Apple really does get the spotlight though. Its almost like they can do no right and android companies can do no wrong. It really is cool to hate apple at the moment. "

Replace Apple with Sony and Android with MS and you get pretty much this entire current console gen in a nutshell. People always want to see the giant crash and burn.

I personally saw an iphone for the first time this past weekend and it looked cool. I haven't been into high tech cellphones (just calling and messaging for me pretty much) so I'm pretty much out of the loop with cellphones. iphone 4 atleast LOOKED cool to me. Not hating on Apple in the slightest. Don't know what the fuss is all about.

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ziggurcat4003d ago

it probably won't even go to court - they'll likely just pay the artist whatever he deserves to get paid for the use of his image and call it a day.

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