Referly - Lets consumers earn by sharing tech products they love

YWB: Referly is a new tech startup which allows everyday consumers to earn money from sharing products/services they like online.

The site works just like any other affiliate network but the difference is anyone can sign up in seconds with Facebook/Twitter and get started straight away, no approval needed.
Members can earn money sharing products they like from sites like Amazon, Gamestop, ThinkGeek, Itunes, Apple etc..
There is a lot of potential for the site, Referly - funded by Ycombinator is becoming somewhat of a social network that rewards consumers who promote to their Twitter/Facebook followers or perhaps their YouTube fans, or their bloggers.

The site lets anyone with a Paypal account cashout as long as they have earnt $10 and has been pitched as a fun and accessible way for the everyday consumer to earn a bit of extra cash.

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