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Apple gets yet another, broader slide-to-unlock patent

The Verge: Apple's first slide-to-unlock patent was granted in 2010, its second in 2011, and on cue version 3.0 was just dropped on us. US patent number 8,286,103 issued yesterday and, as expected, it's even broader than the first two.

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NovusTerminus3216d ago

I think Google should Patent their Notification Bar... And anything else they make from this day forward. Because Apple is getting retarded with this crap.

Software_Lover3216d ago

I understand that technology patents are needed, but some of this stuff is just BS. I'm surprised no one has patented a glass screen as of yet, or better yet, patent the ability to lock your phone at all.

If these judges stop playing games with these companies, and the patent offices get tough and stop just taking money this stuff would stop.

KingPin3216d ago

google should make it so that every feature that comes to any custom roms is immediately owned by them with a portion of any income given to the rom creators.

then Apple will just have to sit and advertise newer slide to unlock features on their iphone.

ArmrdChaos3216d ago

Like I commented before...any and all other companies need to dog pile on Apple with whatever patent claims they have no matter how obscure they may be. Maybe Apple would take the hint when the cumulative court costs start adding up.

Soldierone3216d ago

Patents should be licenses. If something is like this and so general, then fine you "patent it" and don't have to pay to use it. However everyone else can pay an upfront 200 dollar fee TO THE PATENT OFFICE NOT APPLE to use it.

It's very general, It's using an idea already on the table, it isn't doing much of change and isn't anything new.

Honestly who is approving Apples patents? They need to be fired.