13 inch Retina MacBook Pro on track for 2012 launch

Appleinsider: Reports are coming in about a possibility of a 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro by the end of this year

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fatstarr3212d ago

Didn't this just come out?

and why would this be a surprise or anything to get hyped over?

thebudgetgamer3212d ago

I don't know, but I love that it makes you angry.

Gondee3212d ago

Apple wont drop below the advertised 7 hours of the current Air 13inch. And having "retina display", depending on the resolution( between 260 and 220 DPI) means Intels integrated graphics wont cut it. They will have to add discrete graphics. All that means you will have the first ultra book with a graphics card and decent battery life at a class leading resolution wrapped in the light and extremely thin Air chassis.

I bet it will cost north of 1800 though, so not the general buyers price range. But if you wanted the BEST speced ultra book, probably the best built, with the highest screen resolution, the AIR will be your only choice.

thebudgetgamer3212d ago

Forget it, he hates Apple and everyone that uses their products.