SkyDrive vs. Google Drive

Maximum PC: After years of rumors and whispers, Google finally released its long-awaited Google Drive cloud storage service in April, combining Dropbox-like synching abilities and a PC client with the company’s Google Docs service. Microsoft could have waved the white flag; instead, it released an excellent update for its own SkyDrive service, adding many of the features found in Google Drive. The chips are on the table and there’s only one question left: Which cloud storage service is better?

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mpctips3518d ago

Google Drive is groovy.

Speed-Racer3518d ago

SkyDrive is a joke mainly because of their heavy monitoring policies. Heard of several accounts being closed down for silly reason.

aviator1893517d ago

Personally, I've tried both on mobile and pc, but I've decided to go with sky drive. They're pretty much equal, but, seeing as how windows 8 will be well integrated with sky drive, I figure I'd start using it anyways.

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