Apple responds to issue of purple Lens Flare on iPhone 5

TechDeville: Apple has made an official statement regarding the purple halo effect on pictures taken with the iPhone 5

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SnakeCQC3223d ago

typical crappy apple responce its the users fault for holding it wrong or doing something wrong or its meant to be like that

Human Analog3223d ago

Well, it is sound advice tough. And if you see the picture in the article then what should any half intelligent photographer expect from the Sun being in frame? The fact that someone had to explain this to a user is ridiculous.

ziggurcat3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

typical crappy android fanboy response that doesn't understand that this issue isn't hardware-related... or even an issue at all.

SnakeCQC3223d ago

dude i have a iphone 4s and a galaxy nexus.

krisq3222d ago

If it isn't an issue then why people are crying so loud about it?
And if it isn't hardware related then why this pink glare doesn't happen on previous iPhones?

Knight_Crawler3223d ago

I am not a fanboy and I do not own a smart phone yet (must be the only person in the world) but Apple makes me sick to my stomach by acting like they are an elite class of smart phones and they can charge $600 without adding any extra value from the last phone.

Those commercial, specially the one where the guy goes cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeee and the one with the hand holding the phone and the thumb fits on all the screen is ridiculus and Apple makes it seem like it is innovation.

I have only bought 2 Applpe products...I pod 1st generation battery died and a ipod touch 1 st geneation and the screen went blank so I have not pourchased another Appl product since then.

eferreira3222d ago

lol the a6 chip, bigger screen and camera alone shows they are charging the same price as the previous model when it launched with more upgrades. Go complain at tv and car companies for their minimal upgrades. People bitch about everything on here.

thebudgetgamer3223d ago

You mean if I take a picture of the sun the image may not be perfect, Damn you Apple!

SilentNegotiator3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Typical Apple. Always doing something wrong.....when looked under an electron microscope and filtered through a user error.

Apple makes mistakes, but come on; this "problem" is silly.

Ogygian3222d ago

The Sun does tend to feature in quite a few pictures, especially of landscape.
Now that's not to say that idiots are going to take landscape pictures of the sun, but rather that clear Summer's day pictures which may include part of the Sun (perhaps in addition to people) will not be possible.
Interesting how the iphone 4 didn't have the same issue - is technology going backwards?

Moentjers3223d ago

Pffft, and I just wanted to go out and take some pictures of a solar flare :-(

KingPin3223d ago

lmfao apple and their fanboys saying Apple is right and its simple user logic you cant take a pic with the sun in it.

i'll just leave this here for those fanboys.

Apple iphone 5 vs Samsung GS3

Ragnaarock3223d ago

What a great guy, makes a point and then sends some photo evidence. If only everyone was smart enough to use this format there would be a lot less arguing in the world.

"out of shot light source"
I'm sure if your standing outside chances are there is a sun that will be out; and it may not be part of the picture you are trying to take. So if the sun is an out of shot light source does that mean you can't take a picture outside unless your standing under shade? Doesn't sound too convenient.

KingPin3223d ago

the stealth random disagrees don't stop coming.

even with proof they in denial.

this leads me to one conclusion, Apple fans see real life with purple effect when they have an out of shot light source coz Apple said its normal.

Speed-Racer3222d ago

@KingPin - It's expected. It's trying to prove something with science and then having a religious fanatic tell you you are wrong based on some made up reason.

sikbeta3222d ago

Ugh... mere mortals don't see that this is some awesome new feature the Almighty Apple make for you people, so you must be pleased with that, because Apple does no bad...

----------------------------- --------------------

To think some zealots think that way XP

fatstarr3220d ago

proof in the pudding lol
providing the necessary proof makes it ohh so much sweeter.

silly samsung phones, everyone knows the sun is purple. -things iphone users say

Grap3223d ago

it's normal?, so my S3 is broken becz it's show the real sun light?

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