New iPad shows up in App Analytics running A6 based chip

MacRumors: Apple might refresh their iPad 3 with a lightning connector and a A6 SoC

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Chitown712912362d ago

Oh hush. Droid releases new tablets and phones every other month. What is Apple suppose to not update their line as well? *waits for smart-alec comment regarding Apple and how they dont update their technology*

Vip3r2362d ago

Android tablets come in various specs and prices. Ipads don't.

Chitown712912361d ago

Point being? They want a more simplified strategy for their consumer..dont like it? Dont buy Apple. Simple as that.

SilentNegotiator2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

But Apple is a veritable Satan on TechSpy, so droid clearly has a good reason for minor updates and Apple does not. Silly Chitown, how could you not know that?

Besides, you can transfer PLAY LISTS by touching the latest android devices together! ZOMG TEH FUTURE. What did Apple do? Make it slightly more powerful and give it slightly better hardware as technology and cost got better? Pffffffft. lol

Speed-Racer2361d ago

Please Silent. Same argument you all used when the iPhone was in a dominant position. Now that it's not, you all are scraping the barrel in the tablet department. Nothing but time before the iPad falls behind its competition.

SilentNegotiator2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I'm not taking SIDES, X. Don't "you all" me. Yes, I'm poking at TechSpy's general extreme Apple-hate fetish, but I'm saying that it's the same with everyone. Apple and Android tablets get minor updates in hardware and very frequently.

As for phones, I'm rocking a Stratosphere, which is like, the equivalent of a Galaxy S1. I don't try to keep up with hardware revisions.

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slaton242362d ago

why i dont buy apple products..u get one and before u know it the next version is out....i mean dang iphone 4 was out last year and now we have the iphone 5....enough is enough just wait some time and give people the chance to enjoy what they have at the moment

ammarmalik2361d ago

you're kidding right? Apple releases at most 1 new tablet and 1 new phone after every 12 months. That's slower than all other manufacturers. You expect them to not come out with anything for 2-3 years?

eferreira2361d ago

some people just dont make sense. Seems like all droid users do is bash apple instead of enjoying both products.

slaton242361d ago

buy the way i dont even use droid i still have my old voyager why replace something thats not broken...stupid people blow money on things they dont need just because of a little upgrade or 2

mcstorm2362d ago

For me both the Ipad and Android tablets become redundant with Windows 8 Tablets on the way later this month. I really enjoy my Xoom and my other half loves her Galaxy 10.1 but just like the Ipad they don't replace my Laptop as I still need them to do a lot of things I do day today.

Should be interesting to see how the Ipad, Android and Windows 8 Tablets do against each other over the next 2 years.