Chrome 23 Enters Beta with Improved HTML5 Video Support

Chromium Blog: "Chrome now includes the PeerConnection API, which allows developers to create web apps with real-time audio and video calling without the need for a plug-in. Together, PeerConnection and the getUserMedia API represent the next steps in WebRTC, a new standard which aims to allow high quality video, audio, and data communications on the web. Check out this funky video chat demo to see how the PeerConnection API can be combined with other web technologies to create fun new video chat experiences. To start the video chat demo, send the url to a friend."

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justinbkerr3218d ago

I don't really think version numbers on Chrome anymore.

newsguy3218d ago

Chrome > Firefox > Painful splinters >>>>> IE

Kroganwrex3218d ago

Still living in the 2000s?

Crazyglues3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

@ newsguy...

Don't know if your on a 64bit OS.. but try -Waterfox.. wow that thing is amazing... Blazing fast..

Been using it for awhile now and I can't go back to anything else... it's Awesome.

Just click where it says downloads under windows for the installer -