Your Finger Swipe Could Become Your Password via Yahoo News: To log into the new iPad app she made, computer science student Napa Sae-Bae held her hand open, touched her fingertips to the tablet's surface, then drew her fingers together until they met in the center. Her app analyzed the way she performed the gesture — the speed of her swipe, the angles between each fingertip — to decide whether to let her in.

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BeastOrange3218d ago

Sweet, she sounds like smart cookie. I am just unsure about it, what if a finger is swollen or your wrist hurts and it changes your swipe angles slightly..

Crazay3217d ago

Isn't my finger swipe my password for my phone already?

abzdine3217d ago

it's like face unlock it never worked

Wintersun6163217d ago

Meh, I was expecting news about a touchscreen that can read fingerprints, judging by the title.

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