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Hate Politics? You Should Probably Steer Clear of YouTube for Awhile

Maximum PC: Certain subjects, no matter how delicately presented, almost always seem to ignite flame wars on the Internet (feel free to make liars of us). Politics is one of them, and if you have an aversion to politics, well, you have our sympathies, this being an election year and all. Let us also offer some advice: Stay away from YouTube for a few days, because starting tonight, the video sharing site will begin live streaming the 2012 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.

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justinbkerr3217d ago

I suggest the candidates disable comments.

newsguy3217d ago

I should be allowed to vote online already!

fanze1003217d ago Show
Software_Lover3217d ago

I hate politics because people are blind and inconsistent with their views. Most people are brainwashed into voting and dont even vote on the issues.

Our two party system is a joke and is all about money.

SAE3216d ago

Like if they will change anything , all presidents act the same way , all are bad , all act for interests instead of the right things , even your own country is having many many issues , so imagine what they did and do to the other country's like in the middle east ...

most of our problems comes from america for interfering in our country's , they support the dictators instead of people because they know if the people controlled there own countries the interests will be gone , middle east will have a revolution in every aspect , will be independent and that will makes them lose there powers that they took it by force , real islam will spread not the fake islam you hear that advice people to bomb them selfs...