No. 2 PC Maker Lenovo to Open First U.S. Manufacturing Plant

Maximum PC: Lenovo, the world's second largest PC player behind only Hewlett-Packard (HP), announced plans to open its first U.S.-based PC production line, which will reside in Whitsett, North Carolina, not far from Greensboro. The move is expected to create 115 new manufacturing jobs in the area, where workers will build Think-branded notebook and desktop PCs, tablets, engineering workstations, and servers for sale within the U.S., Lenovo said.

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Software_Lover3225d ago

I will now go out and buy an A720 because of this

adorie3225d ago

I want to work there for my 2nd job.

Gondee3225d ago

115 jobs!!! ahahahahahahahaha

I would like to see how many jobs are created indirectly because of this, probably a couple hundred more i would guess.

But seriously, 115 jobs at the plant, including mangers and such. That must be one efficient automated plant! Either that, or its being built for some sort of tax reasons...