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Paul Allen Reviews Windows 8

Paul Allen: The official release of Windows 8 is fast approaching, and for a few months now I've been using a release preview version of Windows 8. Windows 8 represents a significant evolutionary milestone in Windows development, principally to expand support to tablet devices and to provide a more unified user experience across all of Microsoft's offerings: PC, tablet, and smart phone. To get a proper feel for Windows 8, I've been using it on a traditional desktop PC as well as a tablet – the Samsung 700T.

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justinbkerr3223d ago

See desktop users? The Sky isn't falling after all :)

Crazyglues3222d ago

you know I've been using it for the last few days and I love it now... (and let me tell you I hated it at first)

I'll do a whole review on this, because I think there is a lot of things people don't understand about what windows 8 does really well.

newsguy3223d ago

Wasn't that also the name of the guy in the movie American Psycho?...