All Your Mobile Web Now Belong To iPad (Well, 98.1%, That Is)

onswipe: Digital publishing resource and tools developer Onswipe recently released the results of its first ever study, with the said study noting that most online browsing using a tablet was done with an iPad.

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fatstarr3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

to me the ipad is the only thing keeping apple relevant with out question.

EX people question the iPhone because there's barely a difference
same with the ipods, itouches and macbooks/imacs/etc

its only a couple of models more before the ipad falls into that category.

and article wise of course a product that had a really, really long head start up until 2011 will dominate the market like that.

after tablets get their shit together, windows 8 and new nexus 7's and the price range gets locked in tablets will be the real big boom device that casuals and regulars and elitists and such will flock to

this Christmas season will be really productive
for once there are many products that are worth while

new tablets
new mp3 players
ouya and such.

KingPin3219d ago

once again an over exaggerated headline making Apple look like its king of the hill.

All Your Mobile Web Now Belong To iPad (Well, 98.1%, That Is)

"Mobile Web" which includes all mobile devices that can access the web.

now this headline makes it look like ipad is owning all. WTF.

a better title (more accurate one) would be
All Your Tablet Web Now Belong To iPad (Well, 98.1%, That Is).