If Steve Jobs Were Alive, He Would Fire Tim Cook

Forbes : The level of delusion among Apple (AAPL) bulls reached unprecedented levels Friday morning.

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Crazay3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Admittedly it seems that you guys have lost a little something with his demise but

crxss3227d ago

of course he would fire Tim Cook, he'd go back to being CEO if he was alive... simple

Crazay3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

if Steve Jobs were still alive, he'd still be subjecting us to his long boring keynote speeches before unveiling the next line of non-innovation and the soon to be subject of lawsuit.

WTF?!? How did I do that?

Gondee3228d ago

Every iteration of a product can't be "innovative" SG3 wasnt innovative in any way, just a hardware upgrade really.

Mac Book air
First iPhone
First Ipad

the idea wasnt innovative, his implementation was...

Kaneda3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Hey, wait for SG4! It will be innovative with bigger bigger screen, okay? :) It will be 5"!!!


M_Prime3227d ago

has anyone actually read this?

its hypothetical of course but the whole story is about how badly this mistake (apple maps) was handled and how Steve Jobs would have been way better at controlling it. Yes it mentions he should be fired but most of all it mentions how he isn't great with the press like Jobs was. A great example was the iPhone4 antenna problem and how jobs said it wasn't really a problem but gave people a free case if they really had an issue.

apple maps (from what i heard since my iPhone5 is being shipped to me just now) wasn't as good as google maps and should have been withheld a little longer or like the article suggests, slap a BETA label on it but it will get better. It can't suck forever and its nice to get TURN BY TURN which google didn't provide.

also the whole 'needs public transit' thing. I don't get it, i took public transit when i was a student and broke. Now i work and have a car, if i need to get somewhere on transit i never think of google to be honest and i don't think its nessasary at all. I live in Toronto and our transit system isn't the best in the world but their website is good to find all that info and thats what i would use.

mastershredder3227d ago

Spindler and Amelio were the only times Apple righteously kicked a CEO to the curb or demoted them (not via Steve, but ushered Steve's return [whom never was "fired" himself]). He'd fire Cook? Are you joking? No. If you don't know the buisiness history over the last 15 years and why Cook is where he is now, do us a favor and crawl back under your rock and stop making the public stupider with assumptive outsider reports. The story and title are too nonsensical to be worth squat.

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