Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 May be the Ultimate Gaming Phone - I could go on for a while about how wonderful pictures, video, ebooks, and web browsing look on that 5.5″ screen, but instead I’m going to talk a little about the gaming side of it. I tried out a few titles and everything ran beautifully. It wasn’t just the screen size or resolution, but the internals, which include a meaty 2GB of RAM, that contributed to the flawless gameplay.

As well as the standard trials of Angry Birds and Temple Run, I had a chance to try out a few 3D games, which helped show the capabilities of the handset. Dead Space looked great, ran smoothly, and controlled… about as well as it can on a touchscreen. The same can be said about Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Dead Trigger, and Shadowgun. You may not be a fan of these games, but if you are, you’ll love them on the Note 2.

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