Drop test time! Galaxy Note 2 – will it break or will it bounce?

AndroidAuthority : After dropping the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 repeatedly a couple of weeks back, now it’s time for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to face Darcy’s wrath.

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Speed-Racer3894d ago

None of the drops were aimed at the screen, so I'd say incomplete test. I dropped a Nexus One on the screen by accident and it cracked, so was hoping they would have replayed such a scenario since it is possible.

wjbjnr3894d ago

yeah face-down drop would also had been nice but still, the screen didn't break like on the Galaxy S3 upon impact on corners.

steven83r3894d ago

Well same goes for all the Iphone 5 tests i have seen. None were dropped on face. Not even the beer bottle landed on its corner like it did on the GS3.

chukamachine3893d ago

You could always give me it, if you don't want it. I can confirm if you drop a samsung galaxy 2 on concrete even in a rubber case, the inside lcd will crack. costing £120 to replace.

fatstarr3893d ago

im impressed finally a phone that has the same toughness of the galaxy s.

corner impacts = the biggest screen breakers.