Intel Haswell processor design may cause motherboard players to exit market

Digitimes: Intel is already set to launch its next-generation Haswell-based processors, comprehensively designed for IT products such as tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, desktops and servers, in the second quarter of 2013; however, since Haswell is designed to integrate functions such as power phase control, which is mainly used for overclocking, into the CPU, sources from motherboard players are concerned that the new processor and weakening desktop market demand will cause several second-tier motherboard players to exit the market in late 2013.

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KingPin3227d ago

but didnt they say intel was creating a hybrid chip couple years ago that would shut down graphics card companies. i still see nvidia and AMD/ATI around.

Crazay3227d ago

Intel graphics chips suck hairy moose knuckle

cee7733227d ago

desktops are going the way of the dinosaur

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cee7733227d ago

oh i forgot the /s

desktops and laptops are on the decline as far as consumer demand tho

Blackdeath_6633227d ago

i think it because everyone already has a form of pc the fulfils their needs and not because people are not using pc's anymore. computers will never go away but maybe recreated in a more consumer friendly way. if smart tv's prove to be a hit i'd imagine companies will start making tv's that can also be used as a computer.

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Computers will never go away. Tablets and all that stuffs are just optional to Computers lol. It's not the other way around where Computers are the optionals. DUH.

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