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Samsung Is The Sole Reason For Android's Success

Mobile & Apps: "Android has become one of Google's most successful products and one of its most important ventures. With a new report suggesting that Android's success may be mainly due to the efforts of Samsung, Google may be wondering what would happen if Samsung one day choses to drop Android for its own operating system or a rival OS like Windows Phone."

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tachy0n3226d ago

thats like saying HP is the sole reason for the windows OS success... when we all know thats not true...

fatstarr3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Actually it is
Samsung came out with the original Galaxy it shook the foundation of the phone world at the time. also the bold claims Samsung promised gave us hope in an iPhone filled world.

with the ads
the phones Availability on all carriers.

it went viral and spun android into the mainstream.

edgeofsins3226d ago

Sole reason means that Samsung had everything to do with it. Yes they definitely pushed it but no they aren't the only reason android has become so successful. There is HTC, LG, Motorola, and more that have released great android phones which have been successful.

KwietStorm_BLM3226d ago

You can't honestly be that naive. Yes, Samsung is big right now, but there are way too many players to give all credit to just them alone. You could actually make the argument that Motorola/Verizon with their Droid campaign is responsible for getting Android into more people's hands. The G1 being exclusive to T-Mobile wasn't penetrating the market the way Android is now, and everything opened up once the original Droid dropped.

Crazay3225d ago

I'd have to say that I mostly agree with this assessment. Sammy actually delivered great phones using the Android system providing people with an amazing alternative to the Apple offerings.

Now are they THE SOLE REASON? Probably not but they showed everyone that the Android platform was a very good one thus driving better phones from the other companies like Motorolla and HTC.

raytraceme3225d ago

Sorry but DROID is the sole reason for android's success. Most people I know call android phones, droids.