Mimic the Dark Side with Fake iPhone 5 Launcher

xda developers: As the Apple vs Samsung battle rages on, it’s hard not to poke fun at Apple—especially when many found the recent announcement of the iPhone 5 to be rather lackluster. Who markets panoramic camera shots as an essential feature? That’s so last year. If you happen to like the iPhone 5 launcher but don’t want to run the OS, there’s a launcher that can help you out.

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iSpy3225d ago

Android wants to looks like iOS.

Sarcasm3225d ago

Hilarious Image seeing as how Apple is the one playing catch up with EVERYBODY ELSE.

SJIND3225d ago

I'm going to download it just to have the satisfaction of Uninstalling it.

CptBach3225d ago

Fake iphone 4/4S not 5 lol

Sucitta3225d ago

who would want this trash on their android?

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