Display of iPhone 5 Under Microscope

iPhonBuzz: Following the declaration of DisplayMate reporting that the iPhone 5 has the best display than the current smartphones available in market.

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geth1gh3233d ago

Claims best display in the market. Compares the iphone 4 to the iphone 5....

blumatt3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Fragmentation. Windows Mobile = Inferior. Media bought on iTunes is useless on Windows Mobile or Android phones. Had the Lumia 920 come out 5 years ago, it would have had a chance to take away some of the iPhone's thunder.

People are used to the iPhone and its ubiquitous ecosystem of sister devices (iPad, MacBook, iMac, and iPod) and iTunes, which works across all of them.

The Retina Display is still one of the best displays on the market. I had a Galaxy Note awhile back and its display is nice but still not as nice (pixel density-wise) as the iPhone 4/4s/5.

Speed-Racer3232d ago

What if he isn't buying a phone for music?

krisq3232d ago

Lumia 920 has higher density than iPhone5. I hate Windows Phone as much as iOS though. I despise everything that puts restrictions on its users.

sandman2243232d ago

Looks the same. iPhone 4 must be used. That explains the pixels.

Tzuno3232d ago

The "Apple" is a lie :)